Export of Horses To All Destinations Worldwide

Alex Nichols Agency has regular shipments from all major US ports to most destinations worldwide. A quick email from our quote page will get you a detailed price within hours.
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  • Pre-export isolation and quarantine services Alex Nichols Agency operates and overseas the pre-export quarantine process to ensure horses are maintained properly and arrive at their destination is top condition. Proper feed, top quality hay, plenty of green grass and exercise Are all MUSTS for horses under our care.
  • Health certificate preparation and veterinarian supervision. Alex Nichols Agency take full responsibility in dealing with and instructing Veterinarians on proper export testing and health certificates regulations. As a customer of Alex Nichols Agency we will take the lead in coordinating vet work with shipping schedules making the process seamless and worry free.
  • Airfreight and all other required services Alex Nichols Agency is an IATA endorse forwarding company. One of the few to specialize in Horses and livestock shipping. We are able to negotiate directly with the airline.
  • Export applications for all horse breeds. Alex Nichols Agency will handle all export applications and ownership transfers should this be needed. Our staff works closely with all major breed registries and will make sure all requirements for export registration are completed.


All countries have their own specific import health requirements. All countries within European Common Market have one standard. Our staff is up to date on all the specific requirements and will deal directly with the attending veterinarian. We will provide all required health certificates and assist the Veterinarian in all aspects of export health preparation.
Most countries do require a period of isolation. This may or may not have to be an official USDA approved isolation. We will advise you of the particular isolation required if any, and we can offer first class USDA approved Isolation stables/Farms near you.
Your horse is not insured during transport as insurance is not part of our basic price. We do offer a wide range of insurance options at an additional cost. Insurance coverage must be requested in writing.
We have one or two shipment per week so we can likely have your horse on a flight within 7 to 14 days. We also maintain a calendar of future shipping schedules to important export destinations.
If your horse is a normal adult horse with no known shipping vices then your horse will do fine shipping via one third pallet position or section of the air stable or JET STALL. This section is 120 x 32 x 96 inches. If your horse is a heavy draft breed then we would provide a stall and a half portion of the JET STALL.
Yes you can visit your horse as long as you take the prescribed sanitary precautions before entering the isolation facility.
Our export isolation facilities will customize a feed program as per your instructions.
We generally always price your horse shipment based on a consolidation of other horses so you are always getting the best possible price.
Our quotes are valid for 30 days.
Our export services are due via wire transfer no later than 72 hours prior to departure. Our full charter services require payment no later than 15 days prior to departure.
In most situations you will be required to pay VAT and duty on Geldings, and just VAT on whole male and female purebred horses. Each Country has their own tariff rates based on a percentage of total value (Cost and Freight) However if you are relocating and your horse can be considered a family pet then we can arrange for tax free shipment to most countries including the European Community.
We accept Master card, Visa and American express. Please note that we have a convenience fee for credit card payments.